to the Northward is tolerably open, with the exception of some patches of Bricklow. Not so hot to the southward, for th here a belt of  [can't read] 3 miles board extends parallel to Koimbaboi and Bokkara creek. Farther to the westward there is an open undulating ironbark forest, which seems to skirt Kents flat, down which the drainage of the water is indicated by a chain of shallow grassy lagoons like Kents lagoon itself. We crossed the flat, entered the Cypress pine thicket and at last the flourspill scent [??] of old memory. Here I turned, made some attempts to find Kents lagoon, but having fe such a scrubby country to deal with and the afternoon having advanced, I decided upon returning to the camp-
Koimbaboi cr. where we crossed it, was running in consequence of the rains: Leptospernum bushes grew along its bed, which widened into large reedy holes, no doubt reservoirs of constant water. In the scrub, we found several interesting tress in blossom.
2 rubraceous [?]  trees, one of which of a great fragrance: a broad leaved [can't read], a fine but low Pink hibiscus and the scrubby Goodenia [?] were found, as formerly. Mr Mann accompanied me to get a fair view of the Bricklow scrub and he had quite enough of it when we returned. As we rode through the open grassy forest North of Kiambabor  [?] cr. a black duck rose, and on examination we found that she had left a round deep best under a small bush with 9 eggs, which we determined to use for our Christmas pudding.
11/2 hours before sunset Percy went out with the cattle and did not return at sunset having lost the direction of the camp. I sent Wommai with the trumpet but he was not able to find him. We went consequently out together with the trumpet and gun and I made discharge the guns in the camp. By these


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