camping place. If this is correct, it could only be Mr. Hodgsons horse, which he left with its load on in passing one of the scrubs at the approach of natives. Horse dung and horse tracks were observed at several places. These are either Hodgsons or those of occasional exploring parties. The tracks belonged to a very large horse.
The river rose high last night and it is running strong all along. Our bullocks kept very quiet during the night, considering that it was the first out of the stockyard. A species of Tricorym [?] was in blossom. Our arrangements are tolerably well fixed: 4 watches each  21/2  on from 7 to 5 oclock, when all hands rise. Turnbull and Wommai first, Perry and myself second, Hely and Bunce third and Naun [?] and Bukking last. Brown attends to the cattle during the day. - Bucking is cook.
the 11th December. We travelled today over about 8 miles of ground but only 5 miles in a straight line NNW.- the country along the Condanune [?] was open and undulating but scrubby off the river. After 2 miles we entered into the large gum tree flat which I had past on a former occasion and which at present was extremely boggy and almost impassable for our mules, which sunk into the soft ground to their bellies and almost broke their legs in efforts to get out of it. This large flat extends along Charleys Creek to which we came after 5 miles NW by W and up which we travelled for several miles to come to my old camp. The ground was too heavy for my mules and I had to camp before arriving at the desired place. The weather was cloudy, but last night clear. Cumuli towards morn and a thunderstorm at 4-5 oclock from the NEast - passing

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