extremely importune and inconvenient. As we had wanted their assistance in finishing part of our mules and as we had profited by their information, we allowed them to come into our camp and the congruence was that they crowded to our camp like the flies to our soup. the latter bolted several times frightened by the noise which the natives made. They got however accustomed to it in a certain degree and thus was the stay this long camp becomes useful to us. I resolved upon starting, as the long stay had rendered the camp a [indecipherable] of killed goats and bullocks sheep, as we suffered much of [indecipherable] flies and sandflies, and of blight and as the natives were too numerous. Hely had not returned and I sent Turnbull and Brown back to meet him and make him join us, with or without news from Sir Thomas Mitchell.
Today we travelled about 6 miles NW by N. to the westbranch of Koimba creek and we camp in the shade of some young firs (Cypress pinatreis). Several of our mules were again refractory, but we went on tolerably well not withstanding the upsetting of lambs and the laying down of the wayward brutes. A red gum "Dambam" is changing its bark; a pretty Acacia shrub with glaucous [indecipherable] leaves grows along the creek with the Cypresspine.
The nightwind has been wanting a very weak for some nights which were close so beautifully clear with moonlights. There are not so many muskitoes in Calibria but plenty of stinging ants.
The eggs of Geophups serrata are delicious.

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