had taken it very easy and had come on smoothly and nicely and now, when the hard dried beef fare commenced they thought fit to return, though I frequently had told them that all our illness looked originally in the fat mutton and in our gluttonous eating. They blamed me that I too had taken too little medicine, no salts and yet had we taken at least 8 times as much as on my last expedition with the exception of salt. I was not content with Manns arguments and went to the party and examined them separately. There I heard that Brince had no idea of returning if I would only increase the daily quantity of flour, and this was supported by several, so that the real rationing scheme and the want of medicine seemed to me to lye? most with Hily and Mann. I of coarse granted the flour and in a short time the whole party declared themselves most happy to proceed.
Thursday the cattle were wanting, or we wished to start on Friday. Wommai went after them and did not return before Friday night when he stated that he had to fetch them back far from a watercourse to the Eastward over an extensive plain. Claude had fortunately caught him a Wallabi and a Kangaroo, of which he brought 1/2 the said home. Saturday evening at last our mules were brought in and tied up for an early start Sunday morning (the 2nd May). Sunday morning everything was ready, but 8 horses were missing. Wommai went after them but did not return before 12 o'clock; we loaded horses and our mules, ate our damper and were just starting, our mules moving in a long line along a well beaten footpath when Mann under a sudden violent attack of fever declared he could not ride. In my perplexity I left Brown with Kine, the only one able to guide him and continued the journey. We went about 10 miles up the creek North North East little out of direction of the peaks, on which the trees were distinguished by many 

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