over to the SWest.  The musketoes [mosquitoes] and sandflies were extremely annoying.
Whole patches of Crinium were in blossom and we mistook one of these fields for a [?] part of our flock of goats.  [Nebenibractherum] [?] equilaterale is growing with the Myal. [myall]  Orthrodium, Trycorinne in blossom. Ruellia abundant. [indecipherable] small tree & called the white Vilex [?] has a 2 capsular seed
[indecipherable] with polysperme capsules. A small elaeodendron, a solanusia, a wooly little sider, [indecipherable] were in blossom.
[indecipherable] made in the night at 19 minuts [minutes] past 11 by an observation of [indecipherable] the DC. North 16° 11' 44  - 
26° 46' 23".   Index Error  - 37".
Charleys creek is running fast in consequence of the late rains.
12th Decbr. Last night during my watch the cattle and mules and horses were frightened by a native dog and set off in full speed like a torrent. 4 mules and 2 horses have been found this morning. Mr Hely [?] and Brown went after the cattle but have not yet returned. the natives, of whom one gave his name, Mr Turner, the other Major Bell came near the camp several old men were in a greater distance; they asked permission to come into our camp, which I denied.
MY latitude by Aldebaran was 25°43' - it is strange that my the F Err. of my chart changed to
+4'7".                     thermom. 95ºf at noon.
the boggy nature of the flats and of the sandy ridges is very remarkable: they are apparently dry and yet the animals slip into the ground alone to their bellies. the sandy ridges with funnel ants and the small clustered everlasting and Burr composite. At night we hear a bird with a whistle similar to that of Arnhemland. It is strange that Mr Gilbert did not remark the presence

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