though I myself rode over the whole ground. Brown and the native went to the place were [op cit] the horse and mule had been found the day before. I fear it will be without result. However I have made up my mind not to stop any longer on a search, in which we have lost all reasonable directions, but to move on with the eleven mules we have and with one horse, which is to become beast of burden.
I suffered of a painful dirrhoea [op cit] during the morning, brought on probably by cold feet, during last nights watch. It seems however to have left me, this and piles and muskitoes, sandflies and hornets with the chagrin of having lost 3 mules contributed to make myself extremely miserable.
The blackfellow who had never mounted a horse was not at all afraid to try it and though  extremely awkward in guiding it, his seat was good and he improved rapidly in riding. -
the 21/2 hours watching improves our sleep wonderfully and makes it so sound, that we either forget dreaming or our dreams.
[There follow 3 lines in German.]
21st Decbr. after several rainy nights we had yesterday a very fine one: but the sky is during the day cloudy and the air is sultry. Our horses mules cattle and goats and sheep befriend each other and it is pleasant to see them camp all mixed. The goats are afraid  of every moisture and do not like to leave the camp before the dew is off. The sheep are not so particular and left their comrades this morning very early and being without guide travelled into the Bricklowscrub 21/2 miles off, from where Wommai fetched them. All the

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