there is a fresh in the Dawson, which runs very strong and high and will render a crossing difficult - our sheep travel well - our goats are still knocking up,
the 20th Jan. Yesterday and to day we travelled in a nearly Northerly course, but tacking from NE to NW all most uninterruptedly over a fine open country.  Boxland Box slopes with their luxuriant grasses,  Boxflats, Silverleaved Iron Bark ridges and scrub plains were the leading features. The valley of the river and its approaches come covered with scrub and with thickets of Box saplings.  The most striking landscape was that of the bottle tree hills or downs. thus we ascended the plain hill a fine country with distant
distant ranges opened before us, and the stately bottlebrush, one of which measured 2½ fathoms in circumference were scattered over the grassy downs. In the valley the light green of the Box saplings made an agreeable contrast towards with the yellowish tint of the grasses, which cover those downs in the utmost variety and profusion and behoven which [ with?] myriads of Orthopterous insects and little finches moved in every direction. Several very interesting grasshoppers, particularly one green and white spotted locust, which we had met also on our former expeditions - I have hit the very junction of Palmtree creek if I am not mistaken, in keeping or to the Eastward, than formerly, the River is high and we have probably to wait some days before we shall be able to cross. the goats and
sheep suffer very much in travelling through the long grass. It was oppressively hot 90° in the shade. We had a thunder shower with a few drops of rain yesterday, and a similar seems to threaten to day to the N and NE down the river. I was very il all the last 2 days but feel better to day.

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