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most delightful (can't read). The suet pudding is in the pot and boils near a fine gum tree log. Yesterday afternoon in herding the bullocks & collected as many grapes & could find and after having examined these this morning & made out 31 species. I recollect 4 others which I had seen beforehand which would raise the number to 35 in a distance of 1/2 mile round the camp including the side of the creek, the flat, the (can't read) and the (can't read) forest land. Several of the (can't read) grapes are (can't read) fine and (can't read) to me. the others and I have seen all beforehand. Mr Bruce promises to collect these seeds, which will be very valuable for (can't read) sake. Several of these grapes are never or rarely touched by the cattle. for instance, the (can't read), the (can't read) the golden oats, (can't read) They are fond of (can't read), of the different species of (can't read), the wool (can't read) and wool outs. the horses feed particularly on the trailing (can't read) of the forest land.
(can't read) has made a bark seat and shows every where his construction (can't read) like (can't read), whom construction (can't read) seems to be hereditary. as all his family has been since a long time engineers.
The forest is most beautiful : the rich (can't read) of the young (can't read), diversified by the thin shade of the gum and apple tree and interspersed with the blue bells of (can't read) and the golden heads of the clustered everlasting, (can't read) the open forest ground as far as the eye can see : patches of (can't read) rival in (can't read) with (can't read) flock of goats for which (can't read) several times and the rich orange yellow (can't read) clusters round the trunks of larger trees, probably attracted by the greater moisture draining down their bark. Trailing leguminious plants pale pink (can't read), blue (can't read)

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