the 8th feb. We travelled from the lagoons off Aldis's Peak first to the NNW but were soon compelled by scrub to go NE and NNE.  We skirted the scrub and found waterholes and swamps all along full of water. When we came to the Boxflats [Box flats} of [indecipherable] which were extremely soft and strained our muscles very much.  I kept more to the NE in following a scrub creek, than I had done formerly and when I made my NW course for Expedition creek through an open Silver leaved Iron bark Forest, characterised forth on by the Acacia of [indecipherable],  & I came on the creek below the junction with Erythmia creek; following a new course after having crossed it, I came on Erythmia creek flowing to my left and I thought it was a branch of [indecipherable] creek itself. I left it but soon found out my mistake, the country becoming scrubby and unknown to me. Brown equaly [equally] thought that the creek we had left was our former camp creek.  I returned and   camped. The ground was extremely heavy and strained my muscles very much: one was to be unloaded sinking to its belly into the ground. I rode during the afternoon with Brown up the creek and came in about 2½ miles to Erythmia camp, where the reachpole of Gilberts [indecipherable] alone was left.
During the night of the 7th as well as the 8th febr.
we had a long lasting thunder and rain. It was extremely close and sultry : the ground was steaming, flies and blowflies and moskitoes [mosquitoes] were swarming and [the] not only our blankets but even our [indecipherable] were blown and maggots were really and truly crawling all over my body, - We spread however green branches on the ground on which we put our blankets to prevent the moisture from affecting our health and none is suffering with the
Exception of Womma's who has not yet recovered from Zamiafruit [Zamia fruit], complaining constantly of violent headaches: even Bunce was complaining of the latter for a day, probably in consequence,

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