Volume 1: Letters written on active service, A-L, 1914-1919 - Page 118

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we burst through the enemys barb wire. One slight shrapnel wound on the instep two on left arm One on shoulder blade. rifle shot out of my hand. A bullet went in my pack on my back and set fire to it. I hung on for the end. But mind you I was only slightly cut about. I saw ground simply covered with dead men. We made the damn Turks get very busy.

Tell Nance I think of her and Dad & George and give my very best love and a kiss to Mrs Cook. The girls here are simply lovely I wont break my heart of Amy. I tipped it. Write and let me know all about her. I will be going back to the front for another smack at them in the New Year sometime. All this time Aleg Alec Gordon was in the Hospital in Egypt, suffering from bellyache. He came to the Peninsular on the day before I was taken to the Hospital ship. I have been treated like a toff since. You please keep up a good heart, for I will come home again to you (believe me) Ask George does he know anything about Amy. I wont write to her any more till I hear from you. I always ke knew

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