Volume 1: Letters written on active service, A-L, 1914-1919 - Page 181

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hills and out of sight. Honest but I forgot all about the business in hand in the excitement of watching the aeroplane's, not that it wasn't exciting enough on mother earth.
I thought to myself that the Charge of the Light Brigade couldnt have been much livelier than this only they were on horses and made bigger targets, not that it mattered much because nearly every yard of that valley was being swept by rifle fire.
I got going again and got to the foot of 971, and started to ascend when a louder of thunder went, and I went down again, this time with a piece of shell in my left leg and a bullet in my right leg. While I was laying there pretty well stunned, two chaps came up and as they passed me one said "Here's another poor sod down to it", and I tried to say that I was all right but I didn't seem to be able too, as my mouth and nose were full of dirt from where I was laying.
After a while I felt better and I

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