Volume 1: Letters written on active service, A-L, 1914-1919 - Page 337

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for 3 seconds and down for 5 well I hit him 19 times out of 20 shots and in the rapid fire I scored 29 out of a possible of 30. The Lieutenant said it was the best shooting he had seen for a long time. I am entitled to wear two crossed rifles on my arm now but I dont go in for style all I want is a fair go and Ill be satisfied to go on with the job.
I suppose its pretty cold over there now its just the other way about here I had a card from Harry & Amy on Saturday but they never even said if Tommy was well again or worse or anything about him I fancy they must be pushed for time unless they got the huff because I didnt go to see them before I left but you know I didnt have a chance to go they had many a chance to come home and they never done it so they cant blame me any how let them fire away Ill get over it in good time the war is to be ended in Sept so goodbye your son Jim xxxxxxx

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