Volume 1: Letters written on active service, A-L, 1914-1919 - Page 396

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Dearest Mother Father & little Dolly,

Have not recieved any mail for a time on account of the sinking of the boat I told you in my last letter I am getting on tip top, and back with the boys although I am still off duty. The wound has pretty well closed up. I am the same as ever, and having a good spell.
We have had a terrible time the last four days We had rain for two days and nights and then snow for a day and two nights. We were wet and cold with the rain and then the snow on top of it capped everything. My word talk about cold, I have never felt any thing like it in my life. The fingers and hands were quite numbed and useless.
We have had a nice sunny day today and everything is in good order again. My word we won't want too many of these cold changes. It will play old harry with us. I hope they turn it up before long. This place will be very solid about the end of December. I don't know however they think we are going to stand the cold.
I would not be surprised if we are relieved any day now. At any rate our holidays five or six weeks are pretty near due. We are in our fifteenth week now

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