Volume 1: Letters written on active service, A-L, 1914-1919 - Page 474

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the harbour side. Any bum-boat that was foolish enough to come alongside got a warm reception from various abandoned goods. Then next morning we were taken to the Port itself, which is large enough to turn a boat round in. Sydney has some harbour believe me. As we were making for the port for we passed a Red Cross boat which was lined by convalescents by who cheered us like a foot-ball match. Then some wit evoked a roar of laughter by yelling "What do you think of our harbour?" I tell you Port Suez had some very caustic remarks made regarding it's appearance and perfume.

Then we landed company by company and were entrained on a narrow gauge dog-kennel, Gentlemen of the Light horse going 1st class and first to move off; men of the infantry travelling 3rd class and last to go. Our train journey took place amongst a lot of sand across which I kept excepting to see a bathing party make it's way. But theres no Manly or Coogee flappers here. I can't imagine any of this female species doing the block.

The Suez Canal with ships moving up and down is plainly discernable from the

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