Volume 1: Letters written on active service, A-L, 1914-1919 - Page 559

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them. We have some fun with bucking mules, sorry to say my best ride in fact best rough rider I seen got a very nasty bump after having been ridden to a standstill sent his great head round and knocked my man out in hospital for a week.

Havnt heard any new of Terry at Gallipoli if we don't hear any news well then he is all right.

The latest from the trenches known as the daily hymn of hate
Blast the Germans
[Blast the] Huns
[Blast] their ships
[Blast their] guns
[Blast their] fleets
[Blast] the Turks as well
[Blast] the blasted lot to hell.

Alexandria is a very slow place, go to see the races whenever we can nothing like ours not the same amount of interest taken or such gay scenes on our race course the horses are only ponies

Give my kindest regards to Mrs Garling & Pat
Yours sincerely
Erid Lenehan

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