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6 April, 1916
Selhai [Salhia]
It was a day of fixing up to day, we got our lines tidied & levelled off & now everything looks spick & span, our tent also is more comfortable we scraped off all the loose sand & damped it. The tucker is a bit light bully & a little bread it will be alright to morrow though, I expect. Its far more comfortable in the mess sheds though, we have a shed to each squadron so there are four decent sized tables to each troop & that is not too bad. There is a good deal of bother about the gear on the lines, A squadron declares that B & C are pinching all its stuff while B swears that A & C have got down on it for its own  €“ then C is complaining that B & A are at its gear so that things are sort of a bit mixed  €“ We are all wondering what is next. Many rumours are afloat, one being that all the Mounted Div is to come down here. There is a big mail in I believe, hope its true.

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