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12 June, 1916
Last night I was on picquet & did not have a bad time, the horses seem to be very quiet here; Its red hot these days & a man does nothing all day but lay down & swelter in the tent. Tomorrow morning have to get up & go out on a patrol at 5.0 in the morning - I do not mind having a bit of a ride now, the horses are fresh & it's a change. The nights are beautiful, cool & clear that is the one good thing about Egypt. Yesterday we had to turn out with an Areoplane scare, there was a rush for horses & we could hear the machine guns going for their lives. The plane turned their gun on the Tommies camp. I heard that two men were wounded, but doubt it; At Kantara however a couple of men were killed also some horses & mules This morning again we had to turn out, it's a beast the lines are the deuce of away from our tents & it's a long double. I hope there are not too many areo scares its too strenuous

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