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8 Sept, 1916
I am all ready for a move once more. The hand is blistered on the sore again I hope its not going to turn septic again. Eggs for breakfast this morning. Its always a lively scene when eggs are on. One boy said he got one good egg out of four. he was told he was lucky. I got two out of three. In the boom. Some whisky knocking about last night evidently by the liveness of certain lads. "?" Where do they get it?
Bottled stuff prohibited; One bright lad said it was possible to get the chap behind the counter to sell a bottle to himself & influence him to make you a present of it.
It seems red hot in clobber again after doing the [indecipherable] act for so long.

9th Sat
Got my watch  €“ its quite important I feel to be able to tell people the time in stead of asking it. Nine letter were given me also

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