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21 Oct, 1916
Sidi Bishr
Orders are treated with the greatest contempt & so long as we behave anything decently we are left severely alone. The senior NCO should have taken charge but all shirked the result being that yesterday being that there was no check on the boys who went through medical inspection, & as the M.Os signature to the roll was important to get passes I collected the names & got it signed & then argued the point with some of the Senior men until at last they saw that it was handed in to Orderly Room, As it was we got the passes late & a lot of the chaps had imshied off to town without them The passes are available from 2 pm to 1 pm daily, pretty decent - ) but as a matte of fact a lot of chaps stay in town all night & they are not molested so long as they do not get wandering about the streets before 12 or 1.0 noon. Beuzie Harold, Bill May & my self had a look round but got back early, about 10.30 We had a rattling good time though I like Alex better than Cairo, it seems more civilised.

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