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12 February, 1916
The usual cleaning up parade this morning & half holiday this after noon. To night I am on in charge for the stable pickquet. The boys in the mess room where I am writing are gambling for all they are worth & they make a deuce of a noise over it too. Bill Ross is suffering from a swelled face & it looks like mumps but the other morning when our troop leader Mr McKenzie asked him what was the matter, Bill told him the face ache  €“ This afternoon quite a number of boys went out to the races  €“ I think the Colonel was running a horse & they wanted to get on to it.
To night for tea we did well as so many were away & Cookey our mess orderley put on Blanc Mange & preserved peaches  €“ Yesterday the boys had to draw to see who was to leave the troop as we were one over strength & C Troop wanted a man, the "lot" fell to Rogers, one of the reinforcements  €“ The weather seems to be getting warmer now, to night it is bright & clear & not too cold.

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