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11 Sept, 1916
Ber El Abe
Its really Tuesday morning Time 3.0 am. Im on picquet  €“ the Gee Gees are quiet & the old Moon is streaming bright & high, the old desert looks still & sleepy with the moon light glimmering on the sand but the crickets are chirruping away merrily enough
We left yesterday morning. I thought I would never get in the saddle it was packed so high & some dopey fool had hogged the mane of my horse; indeed I heard the boys betting "He will" "He wont" often, as my fate seemed to hang in the balance, twixt the ground & the back of the horse. The first have a camp in a Hod, it looks comfortable  €“ The dates are ripe now. We were very charmed at the sight of the sight of our camp, not a tree for half a mile  €“ Nearest water half a mile, that's Booker. However the section have a bosker little bag home right near the horse lines. I am sitting at the door now & can see the horses at a glance. Johno is Snoring sweetly. Ive been stuck into No 3 section with Johno, Godber & Galaker. Harold has been made Lance Jack & stays in my section. It will soon be four now & then its "Stand to" How the boys will love it They have been spelling lately

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