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26 Nov, 1916
Hod El Bayoud Out post
Four of us on Observation post on top of a high sand hill. Theres an ocean of sand around us, & we can see for miles. There is not much to see, The camp a couple of miles away, a few horse men & a camel train, & the smoke from the Railway engine in the distance Away to the left with a thick haze over it lies the old sea. Theres a nice cool breeze blowing & the sun is just high enough to make things feel cosy. We have had three days tracking. Left Hill 70 Thursday morning, lobbed at Romani that evening Next day we came to some wells a bit past Oggratina [Oghratina] on the Railway line then yesterday we got to the camp here & releived some Yeomanry. We had pleasant trip though it was cold at night but we always managed to get our blankets off the camels  €“ its not to flash for tucker, we struck a canteen near our camp on Friday night & bought some fish which helped us along a bit, - I havnt had a decent wash this last three days, water has been scarce, had this morning's "clean my teeth' & bath in half a pint of water. We stood to at 5.15 this morning & came away to this post at six, we had breakfast out here. We expect to be releived at 12 oclock.

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