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9 Sept, 1916
Back with the Reg once more. It's a homely thought of feeling. Not so classy at Montazah the tent is in the most unlovely disorder. I left at 2.0 yesterday & got at Sidi Gaber at 2.30 & had there until 3.50 so Pat Little & I caught a tram & flopped into Alex, we had an exciting trip back getting there on the tick. I sat tight when they cried "Get out" at Moasar & so came right on to Kantara. A Lan cashire lad took me under his wing & escorted me to a tent where I had a bunk for the night & a breakfast this morning

Caught train at 9.15 & at last got to Romanai station. I was talking to one of the boys when his horse gave a jump & lobbed on my foot, good job the sand is soft or it would have been a trip back to the hospital again. The boys are all getting ready for Ber. el Abe [Bir-el-Abd] & I just got back in time to pass in my Kit bags  €“ Woods & [indecipherable] are having a spin. Guess there is some dirty work going on by the way Joe is talking  €“ Lea & he were arguing on Zeps. Lea reckoned that they were not so bad as painted. Joe said no & 200 lb bomb would nt hurt, only knock a bit of skin off if it hit you

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