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19 January, 1916
Soldiers Club Cairo
We were out on mounted parade this morning  €“ My mare was fairly lively. They are tossing out all the chaps into the details who do show up too well. At dinner time I got a letter from Bert, he is on the Canal & is working hard. This after noon we packed our saddles just to put in time, when it came time for watering our neddies we had to dismantle them & take the gear to the tents, I put in for a pass to come in & get my teeth, it was a bit of a strain as I only had only 6  ½ pt & after making an excuse to Leo Godber & Johno I walst off got my teeth (which are OK this time thank goodness) & slipped down here to this caffe by my self where food is cheap, I don't like spongeing on them though they are good chaps all of them.

[Bert is believed to be Robert C. Burgess, 2803]
I was put in charge of the pickquet last night, I do not know whether that means I have got my stripe back or not. To night before I left I received a parcel with a scarf, some handkerchivs singlet etc from Aunt Uncle & Mother. I was glad to get, I thought it must have gone astray

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