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15 Sept, 1916
Bir El Hassaniya
Its 'Ot" as the proverbial "Obs", to day. now & then a breath of wind puffs along & feels cool & nice against ones sweaty face To night we start out on a stunt. We are going to look for stouch. Some one has an idea that Abdul is longing for a chance to toss in the sponge & take a trip over the canal, I wonder? We are carrying 60 Rds amm extra to help to persuade him that the desert is a very unhealthy place to live in. Thirty miles out! Wont it be a real joy ride in for the wounded. We are supposed to attack Sunday morning  €“ I believe my horse is still doing a fast. I had to pet him & call him horrid names in the most soothing tone to coax him to deign to drink too buckets this morning & he ate a few mouth fuls of grain I pinched but guess he'll come at it later.

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