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25 July, 1916
A.G.H. Cairo
What a world it is. here am I stuck in a hospital ward in Cairo & its much the same as being in prison. true I can walk about but always between high walls & wearing these pyjamas all the time heightens the effect. There is nothing to do but read. The nurses are kindness itself & one gets every attention, there is plenty to eat & drink & to day we all got paid 10/- each so I expect that I should be dubbed an ungrateful person indeed if I had a growl
My hands are getting well slowly & I was able to scribble a few lines home & now make an entry in here I must write up the back stuff a bit but not now, Im not in the humour & the hand is'nt too good yet  €“ I got a long letter to write to Vic, reckon I ought to blow him up [indecipherable] him taking notice of Madge, She's--------ed

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