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21 March, 1916
Gabul Mirium
I had a quick shift last night but was dead sleepy on it. To day was a bit decent so had a dip & it was good, I lay in the sand for an hour or so sun bathing. Last night that blamed camel lay down in the water again & got the bread wet; he was called nasty names & to night we watched him anxiously as he came across the water but this time he thought better of it. Cookie takes his rifle with him to the cook house saying you never know when a Turk might blaze at one from across the canal. Last night Johno called to him but Cookie never took any notice.  €“ half an hour later Cookie rolled in when Johno was about asleep & yells "What do you want". It got Johno to be answered half an hour after wards. To day we heard some one running out side the tent. Johno yelled "Go it Cookie" Cookie said "How do you know its me" Johno reckoned he would know his [long ft?] in a thousand.

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