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25 April, 1916
Up at 3'0 am this morning & had to saddle up right away, no water for horses or men & gosh Im thirsty. We moved off about 5.0 & A troop formed the Advance Guard. There has been nothing doing so far, we are about 5 miles out in the desert from our camp & have been halted for some time. They don't seem to know what to do, we are posted out & await any orders. Oh for a pot of Tooheys

We were relieved & came in about 3 oclock to the wells & gave our horses a drink. I thought they would never stop drinking, I drank about  ½ a gallon myself. The water is a bit brackish but it went down alright. Our section dined on Tinned Sausages & tongue which I found in a deserted camp, so we did not do so bad. We saddled up again & came over a little way & put down our horse lines. I had to go on picquet worse luck

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