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28 January, 1916
Maadi Y.M.C.A. Tent
There is a farewell concert here tonight & the place is crowded early, every seat is taken & the chaps are standing in all other available space. We had a quiet days drill to day. got finished up in good time. Don't feel too good on account of a bally boil on leg which [indecipherable] me up when riding. Regimental Srg Major of the Details has thrown in his stripes & came in to the Regiment as a Lance Jack  €“ he seems a good & capable chap. no doubt he will soon get pushed higher.

Im broke absolutely broke again & it's a beast, when one is in with a lot of cobbers, one has often to pinch off so as no[t] to seem to be too much of a ["hum"?] I heard old Rossie going crook on Masher his old horse which he had to get rid of because the Capt considered him too lively. Shaking his fist, he said "A man ought to put that right through you to think that after a man thinking of you while all the while I was on Active Service, you should turn a man down"

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