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18 Sept, 1916
Bir El Hassaniya
Back in camp again. We were on the post until a bout dinner time yesterday, then our mob began to drop back, & we fell back to the main body & were flank guard going back. They reckoned that if they had liked to press the attack the possie was ours but there was not much chance of holding it. A Troop got back to where the 3rd Bde was & here we were able to get a quart of tea made, & water our nags, it was a pleasant surprise. The old horse must have been feeling rotten but he came back with a bow in his neck & a tight rein on the bit, hes game. We messed about a hod for about an hour before settling down for the night, & swear,  €“ it was murder, we got fixed up about 10 o'clock then I had to draw some rations for the troop. 12.0 I got in bed, 2.0 up again & then we got back here. Its good to be back again. Ive had a snooze, & some tea, the horse a drink & a feed The boys are all resting strenuously. Gosh how tired we all were this morning

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