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[Page 158]

7 Aug, 1916

But his way was blocked by niggers And poor Warne would be no more
If he had'nt seen a Tabby beckoning through an open door
She was a winsome lassie as this lothario spied
And killing several niggers he soon was by her side
She took him to her bedroom, stowed him well beneath the bed
And made him stop there silently that tabby used her head
He gave her just one parting kiss a sort of souvenir
Of how he outed twenty nigs & one large keg of beer.

In windy wintry evenings, when he's back in New South Wales
And there getting reminiscent & telling little tales
He'll fill his pipe & fill his glass & in modest voice he'll tell
Of how he saved a pretty girl & the rising he did quell


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