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10 March, 1916
Suez Canal, Serapeum
Last night A troop was on Inlying picquet , nothing to do but its not much chop having to keep ones gear on all night & expecting to be called out every minute, however I slept fairly well. This morning when we got up at 6.0, Beuzeville, Flanigan & I were told to get kitted up & 24 hrs rations & our haversacks & water bottles for we were to go on as body guard to the General. Lieut McKenzie said that we were on a good wicket & would likely be away for three or four days & go to Ismalia etc We had to go mounted & men were sent with us to take the horses back.

However we found that we had to go over the Pontoon Bridge on the canal & report there for ordinary guard & our disgust may well be imagined when we were told off for our respective posts. There were nine on the Guard under Seg Collins & we started with 3 posts which were reduced to 2 posts later & I took place as Corporal. One thing it is quiet & we have a house to doss in, a room to each relief The buildings we are guarding are to be the Headquarters of the New Zealand & Australian Mounted Division which is being formed

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