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23 March, 1916
Gabul Mirium
Yesterday I had a real good day in the canal swimming & during the morning we spent the time racing & jumping & the result is I am a bit stiff to day. Yesterday evening the General came out to inspect us, must have been satisfied as he remarked as he went away "A fine lot of men" Got a bit of a cold last night & have been content to lay down & read all day  €“ had a swim this evening which freshened me up a bit.

Flan has been telling us about himself. He was recalling the time when he was bound over to the dentristry so Johno questioned him to find out how he had advanced in the profession. Flan said I helped about the stables for a bit then I got inside & used to the door cleaning windows etc; Johno & the rest of us were knocked bandy.

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