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19 March, 1916
Gabul Mirium
We put up three tents yesterday & we had a gay go in the wind Nothing to do here all day but we have to patrol the Canal at night Johno & Cameron are on duty on the post Perce & I were on last night. We are having quite a good time Cookie took on the cook house & did great work to day. Porridge, Bacon & steak for Breakfast Curry & rice at dinner & steak & tomatoes for tea. Bread is a bit light & we would have had plenty only the bally camel when coming across the crossing took it into his head to sit down & think & he could not be induced to shift for a while, so our bread got wet;

There are 21 of us here all told. Mr McKenzie is in charge. There was also a nigger in charge of two camels but he stayed over the other side this evening & Cookie is a bit anxious as to how we will get to morrow provisions. The wind has dropped thank goodness I hope its warm to morrow, its too hanged cold to chance a swim so far.

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