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31 July, 1916

[Contd. from page 150]
In the future thats coming to many I hope
When our way through war's tangle (patiently) (presently) grope
When the roar of the guns into silence shall pass
And the rugged shell splinters shall rust in the grass
When the merciful years have softened the pain
And the new generation is happy again
The days I am sure we will never repent
When we carried a rifle & slept in a tent.
Eyes Right
Ser Sturgess [indecipherable] L.H.

"The Lays of a Lonely Bard"
To the 8 Reos of the 6 LH
Written by Tommy Ducker while away at Tel.el.Kebir

Say listen to me fellows
To this woeful tale of mine
Of how our reinforcements
Thought they'd out the German swine
At Liverpool we had three months to get ready for the fray
But damn it all we never thought
That in Egypt we would stay

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