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26 Oct, 1916
Sidi Bishr
Well the sand in the Times glass is about finish & in an hour we will say good by to Sidi & Alex. Such a time as we have had though. Gharries Trams. Gardens Hotels, pictures, Kersaal, [indecipherable] & numerous other gladnesses have we injoyed, the joy of clean sheets on a soft bed not being the least, almost equalled by that of being able to keep clean, & possibly eclipsed by the joy of being able to order a meal of proportion & quality to suit ones taste & aputite.

Then there s the joy of the "Unexpected happening" As on yesterday afternoon as Joe & I sat on a seat in the Park looking at some sorry buildings accross the road, a fair damsel sat on the end of the seat & said "Excuse me," It was such a novelty to hear. English from a girls lips that I involuntary remarked "You speak English" & we had a pleasant little chat which ended in an [invitation?] to "Come along to morrow & meet my Mother" & as I am due at Hill 70 to night I had to decline but Joe is going to "See Mother" this afternoon, & I am wondering how he will get on. Its a real treat to exchange [views?] with some one out side ones own mob; & to hear the good old English by other than the rough voices of the boys. Every one looks fagged out this morning, the boys have been making the pace while in here, I dont blame them, goodness knows when we will get the next.

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