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26 June, 1916
We had to go on out post last night Took our horses out & it seemed a farce as we had to walk as far as we rode - after we dismounted some of the boys were going crook a treat as its pretty heavey walking in the sand with ones gear up. The horses were linked up as a picquet of six was left in charge of them. I took a post with three others & did two hours shift with them. we had to stand to at 3.30. The Brid. came round in the morning. Bill Walford had to make a mull of chanenging as he did not ask for the Pass word but the old Brid did not say any thing. After Breakfast I rode over to the canteen at Rail Head to get some stuff for our tent but could get nothing except tinned fish & some Beans. Draper & I rode across to the Y.M.C.A. thinking we might get a drink there. but they were all laid out with over work there, the Doctor was there to see them when we were there. Met Tommy Ducker & he took us down to where we could get a drink of water & he made us a drink of coaco it went well. I have a night off to night & came over to the Y.M.C.A. at the seventh. The boys are buying cigarettes & things for all they are worth. They have a Phonograph hammering away like a circus band at a country show

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