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3 Aug, 1916

Our permanent Four
Pick any of Australian Battalions
Of Sydney or Melbourne, Light Horse
So I'll sing of our 8th Reinforcements
And our "permanent section of course"

For number one place we have Rogers
With pippo & I two & three
To complete the array there is Robert H May
Some class of a section you see

Well Ive heard of the cooks at the poor house
The ones that kill most of the lodgers
But not one can compere, though they all may be fair
With our section chef, Francis E Rogers

The way this lad cooks water
And onions & bully & rice
Makes us all feel decidedly billious
Though all agree that his dishes are nice.

At tea we discuss our position
And the bad way the war has ben run
For I had it first hand with Bob May to command
It would soon be the end of the Hun

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