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10 July, 1916
Rail Head Romani
Slept on the Kitbags last night, comfortable enough except for an inquisitive flea, who awoke a blood thirsty feeling within me, nor was I satisfied until I heard his soul depart the body with a crack. The miserable waiting here, We cant get the camels until 4.0, to make it worse a chap has to hum [cadge] all his tucker & I make a poor hum though when it becomes necessary I do it unblushingly  €“ I saw Tom Sherry, he came over to see old Bill off who has gone into the camel corp [indecipherable]; I am sorry I was not able to have a word with the old chap before he left. The Reg. have been out on another stunt & shot one Turk & captured two Bedouins. The boys are very much disgusted as usual at the way they are taken out there, get a sight of the enemy & then hang off until he has time to imshie
[imshee = go away]

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