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25 February, 1916
Train near Suez Canal
B Squadron moved off at 12.0 last night & we had a nice quiet ride into Cairo. The saddles were left on the horses & they were put in the trucks, 10 in each, it did not take long to get them in. Went up a little way from the station & got a cup of Coacco it was OK. The train left Cairo about 5.0 am & we are still travelling at about 10.30, we are near Ismalia  €“ had a sight of some gunboats on the canal a moment ago.
Serapeum Later
The train pulled in to the station at about 10.30 & it was all bustle getting the horses off & the kit bags & gear out. We moved to about  ½ mile from the station & linked horses & shouted for something to eat but we had to leave it & go & put down the horse lines  €“ we got the horses on the lines before tea , it was biscuits & bully again

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