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22 Sept, 1916
El Hassaniya
Twice mail has been passed round, twice have I received none It is some consolation though that Johno got a big parcel the contents of which were a welcome addition to this evenings tea. We are to move out to the front line of out Posts to morrow, this is the third time that we have been told that we were to move out but I think it is "dinkum" this time. The boys are lying about in front of their bivvies after having tea discussing various things, Egan is wondering how his sheep are? Woods says that he hears that after all it is'nt true that we are going to move back & going to France. Johno is wondering what would be a good name for our bivvie, Ivor Evans reccomends Arab-town; which is rather a slur on us especially Johno who goes about in shorts & whose skin is burnt a bonza brown. The sun is setting, he don't with all the glory which attends his imsheeing at Gallipoli still the West is bathed in a most wonderful glow of rosy colour which deepens into a velvety blue & already there is a bright sparkle from the evening star

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