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13 January, 1916
Maadi Camp
I am on piquet to night it is not much of a job. There are 24 of us on for the squadron, just twice as many men as are needed - Johnson & I are on the last shift for our watch, 3.0 am until Stables in the morning. I was in Cairo yesterday & was at the dentist to get some teeth fitted. They costing £4-0-0. I have to go in tomorrow night to get them. Trinder came back yesterday; he is taking charge of the troop & Bill is L. Sgt - Beuzeville corporal. The other night I was up at the Y.M.C.A. hut doing some writing & I met Charlie Gee & Mullins of the tramway [Burgess was a tram conductor]; they are at the Remount Depot. This morning the whole regiment was on mounted parade & we had a solid mornings drill. there was a lot of growling amongst the men because they were getting their legs bumped & squeezed in the lines; The horses as very fresh & look real well. I have got Stantons mare & she has gone well & steady so far  €“ Received eight letters today so have not done so bad

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