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1 Aug, 1916

We landed there one early morn
Amid its dust & gloom
We're off to fight we proudly cried
(Jack Chisholm said to groom)
And groom we did & never thought
Of our first intentions bold
Until some lawless Anzac cove
Said that our feet were cold

Then up arose, one Pippo bold
Said with an ugly leer
"And 'ow about the 'orses
"If we should shift from here?"
"Do you suppose that anyone"
"Can stand Egyptian sun
"And as for us we're climatized"
And Turks they are a gun

So we groomed on; the Boys came back,
"We've had [indecipherable] luck we said"
hey took it in & with a grin,
They thought "You've worked your head"
And now we're in the regiment
And proud as proud can be
For ar'ent we the self same crowd
That were at Gallipoli.

In years to come when we get home
And asked "What did you do"?
We'll say "Oh we were in the sixth
And saved a life or two

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