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25 Aug, 1916
Our Brigadier is full of cheer
He shouted out "Hooray"
"Youre making history" he said,
And then he rode away.

And in this tale if you read on,
You'll find out how its done,
Of how old Abdul came to fight,
And how a victorys won.

When Abdul left Damascus
With an Army Corp or so,
He never even asked us
Permission for to go.

He came along the sea-coast
And swanked at Ber el Abd
And uttered there a big boast
Of the land that he had grabbed.

He marched to Ograbina
And stayed there for a week
As much to say "We've seen yer
So don't give us any cheek"

And then he came to Quatia
And camped around the well
As much to say "We'll face yer
And give yer ---- hell"

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