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28 Dec, 1916
A troop was on out post last night; I was out with Perce Barrow, a murky looking evening it was too We went out to "Lizzie". It came on to rain just after eight just as Spurway releived me to do first shift, I found that it takes practice & patience to get into blankets while its raining with out getting wet; I got myself & water proof pretty well damp while turning in & though I was warm enough I felt uncomfortable & didnt get much sleep all night. This morning the blankets weighed a ton, they were soaked & I was pleased indeed to see the sun come out nice & bright, giving us a chance to get our blankets dried. It remained fine all day but I hear a rumble of thunder so would'nt be surprised if we have a shower again to night.

A Squadron went to Ruesatt & Zagadan to day so B sqd is on out post again to night, Im not on thank goodness, will strike duty to morrow night & the next night I expect Vague rumours of the fighting come to hand now & then, It appears that the first & third Brigades charged & took some concrete trenches at the point of the bayonet out past El Arish but they did not stay in position as they were not strong enough to hold it. 1300 prisoners were taken during the whole of the fighting.

[Probably refers to the action at Magdhaba on 23rd December]

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