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28 April, 1916
When we arrived last night in camp Jack Cheater our Q.M.S. had water ready for our quart [pots?] & a good stew, we also got issued with two loaves of bread & jam per section. it was great, the worst of this life a chap works up such a great apatite on it, lately there has only been a limited supply of bully & biscuits to appease same with. This morning we got some bacon & steak so did not do badly, we cooked it our selves. A squadron captured some Bedouins a couple of wounded Turks were also brought in. One of these Turks used to get food & water for him self & a couple of wounded Tommies & the Bedouins used to take it from them. One of them tried to strangle a wounded Tommy with a piece of Telephone wire but was unsuccessful. There was a wounded Tommy brought in yesterday. He had been out there for four or five days, What a time he must have had

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