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[1 Jan. contd]
I cleaned my bivvie out & got the sand out of it, shook the blankets & made it tolerably wind proof . Then I made my bed. Spurway & I had tea on bully & bread & marmalade,  ¾ loaf bread, 1 tin bully &  ¾ tin marmalade. The wind has not blown away our apatites thats one thing- Im comfortable now tucked in the blankets with my feet stuck in a long mail bag which I pinched. This is verily the life What a bosker New Year!

4th Thursday Jan
The year has not improved a scrap, wind & rain & duty, Patrol monday, Observation post Tuesday, picquet Tuesday night & all day Wed, then out post at night, & did'nt it rain, blankets got wet & I couldnt dry them to day, have to go one short to night, orders to put an extra one on the horse. Wet blankets to sleep in its Bosker. Last night A squadron went out after some Beduions, I heard some shots while on out post last night. They made a small capture. Brien again hurt his back yesterday & had to be taken away to day he seems pretty crook, cold as north pole

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