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14 February, 1916
This morning we did troop drill, I think it is to get us ready for a competition they are going to have to find the best troop in the Brigade. Some how I don't think A of B of the 6th has much chance  €“ We were on putting horse lines down this afternoon  €“ It does not look much like going away when they are arranging these competitions & going in for this training. I wonder where we will all end up. Harold shouted Joe Woods, Jackson (the butcher who sports us a little bakseech meat some times) & myself to the pictures to night & after-wards we went up to the Soldiers Café & had some thing to eat. I am eating like a horse lately. Poor old Johno was wild this evening. We had come in from evening stables & Johno had received a letter which he started to read before going to tea, when in came a chap who wanted to a tooth pulled, Johno put the letter away gave a growl about it & got to work & when he had it out the chappie introduced his cobber who also wanted one out, Johno went crook but pulled the tooth for him. Sergeant Shannon & Crouch came back to day, they have had a good long spell in England. Stanton is still there & I hope he stays as I have got his mare.

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