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10 Dec, 1916
Nothing doing today, just mooned about the bivvies reading & swearing at the flies which all ought to be dead at this time of the year but are with us in their millions. Woods tells me that rumour says that cables have come through to the effect that there is more trouble in Australia. I wonder what it is this time. Some one said something about Japan having a row with Russia that would be serious, but I dont beleive it, still the very thought brings in its train thoughts of the possibilities if such a thing was to happen & gives a chap the creeps fair; but theres no doubt it would bring the mob back in Australia to the "Shun" with a click. The Allies have a very black out look just now it seems to me. I reckon things never looked worse; then Aussie [indecipherable] us down, sort of culls us damn fools for being here; it makes me feel sick.

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