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20 Sept, 1916
Bir El Hassaniya
Rations did not come to hand as usual yesterday & last night it looked very whiskery as far as tea was concerned. The tea was of brackish water & our tucker box was empty, some one suggested that we should go to a hod for dates but a mile is a long long way on this sand. Eventually we dug up some bully & biscuits so every thing was O.K. again. This morning the out look was even more dreary  €“ the camels had not yet arrived, there was no feed for our nags & they were waving their empty nose bags about impatiently. Some of the boys were gazing disconsolately at a mere half biscuit that looked so lonely in the center of the saddle blanket which was spread on the sand as a table cloth How ever the Camel train arrived & we were able to appease the wolf in side, there was fresh bread no less & it was'nt very sour either. This is verily the Life.

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